“Movement of Transformation” is a stop motion art piece that is made out of three hundred forty-one unique handmade ink on paper paintings. The forms of these paintings are creating imaginary figures. Those figures are following one another so fast, that the...



Mr Stool (Σκαμπός)

      ΥΠΑΡΧΕΙ ΠΕΡΑ ΑΠΟ ΕΣΕΝΑ   Τι είδους άκαρδη σκέψη θα επιθυμούσε ποτέ να σταματήσει, μόνο στον λόγο για τον οποίον κάτι υπάρχει.

The washing of the clothes

Τoday is the day of the massacre and many people gathered to see the sacrifice. But I had open a hole in the fence from the previus night and I had pushed the mother with her baby to get out of there. Now my father...

In Search of the Memorials

“The washing of the clothes (In search of the Memorials)” 2016 by Lales Petros Visit the original posts on Facebook “The washing of the clothes (In search of the Memorials)” is an artwork-trip by Lales Petros that took place in Lesvos from 6/8/2016 to 16/8/2016...

Lonely Adam

With Eros gone from life, with the mind of a child, I Adam will please myself for one last time.